Sun, colours and scents of Sicily,
authentic and generous wines.

The great Marsala DOC wine heritage is a set of feelings and memories, scents telling the time, classical combining and amazing discoveries.
Knowing it is a marvellous sensory experience: words will never be so satisfying and intense to replace the curiosity in observing its golden and amber reflexes; in inebriating with toasted almonds, candied and shoal fruits, caramel and honey, vanilla and spices scents. Everything is balanced in personality and wood perfumes.

You can taste it in many situations, because every moment of your existence has its own Marsala. It can be a smart aperitif, straight, quiet fresh combining with blue or spicy cheese, or as a base for innovative cocktails. During the meals, a dry Marsala wine (vergine or superior) harmoniously accompanies strong, spicy or aromatic dishes, and it excites unforgettable aromas in very classy meals.

How can we forget its melting with ricotta cheese sicilian pastries and the royal pastry, with the typical dry biscuits ("tagghiancozzi", made with almonds), the “frutta martorana” or Modica’s chocolate...
It is an enchant with fruit, strawberries salads, white peaches and cantaloupe too.

Its “wisdom” is a meditation and reading companion, the ideal partner for breaks and intimate musings.

Marsala wine’s history

John Woodhouse's sailing ship, called Elisabeth

The Marsala was the first wine recognized with a territorial specifity and a special protection, the Registered Designation of Origin – D.O.C. . Its history is obviously an important part of the entire Italian oenological and wine developmen...

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All Marsalas

Marsala DOC wine colours

The Marsala wine is classified as a fortified one, which is obtained with alcohol adding that increases the degrees and facilitates its stability.

It can be produced only in the territory admitted by the “disciplinare” (most of Trapani province) and it must be bottled in the original region. It is exclu...

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Marsala doc wines

Marsala S.O.M.
Marsala S.O.M.
Marsala G.D.
Marsala G.D.