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Around Marsala, in the footsteps of Garibaldi among sanctuaries and bagliosAround Marsala, in the footsteps of Garibaldi among sanctuaries and baglios

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Marsala Cathedral

In Marsala everything is history. Nouns in the streets and squares remember it, as well as the headstones on the buildings and the monuments in the old town.

The past Phoenician and Roman stones arise everywhere they dig. Ramparts, walls and majestic gates narrow down the City from which Garibaldi started the Italian Unification.

The Spiritual path among a hundred churches in Marsala and the sanctuaries of Maria SS. Addolorata, Madonna della Cava and Santo Padre delle Perriere, are of great importance.

You can relax and meditate walking around the countrysides through the stillness of vineyards, baglios, or the amazing landscape of the ancient Mothia salt farms in the Stagnone Natural Heritage Land.

Marsala Cathedral
Madonna della Cava, the town's Patron Saint
The Baglio Anselmi archaeological museum
The Sibilla Cumana cave
=The Madonna Addolorata sanctuary