Sun, colours and scents of Sicily,
authentic and generous wines.
An ancient experience for a family passion renewing itselfAn ancient experience for a family passion renewing itself

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Giovanni Pomilia

Our vine, our land. Vines and lands, power and kindness of Marsala city, linked to our family for almost a century.

The vine and the land can grow up only feeding them with experience, passion and values. The same ones of Salvatore Calamia, the founder. The same ones that the new generations still let they live in the main product of the company: the Wine for the Holy Mass, wine in its maximum spiritual liturgical and holy expression.

Pomilia Calamia is exactly wine for the Holy Mass. A good wine and a wine of goodness, of high quality and certificated by Episcopal Curia and produced on the respect of the rules of the Code of Canon Law.

You can find the same passion in the fortified wines, in the table wines, in the renowned Limoncello di Sicilia and in the Amaro liqueur, exhaling herbs and aromas of our Land.

This love for our Land and its resources, values all along inspiring us, are the best guarantee for Pomilia Calamia Vini products quality. This is the only way to satisfy our Customers.

Giovanni Pomilia